What happens when your company name is no longer suitable for your latest venture or new target audience? 🤔 You can actually CHANGE IT! Check out the pros and cons, procedure and some important tips to get you started.

Why Should a Company Change Its Name?

  1. A change of management and shareholders

  2. The Company product suffers from brand confusion

  3. The legacy Company name no longer works

  4. The Company name is too generic or mediocre

Procedure to Change a Company Name

It must be submitted to Companies Commission of Malaysia – Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) via online application called MyCoid by the appointed Company Secretary.

  1. The Company’s representative must inform the appointed Company Secretary of the plan to change the Company name

  2. Directors NRIC / Passports are needed the Company Secretary to proceed with the new proposed name reservation application

  3. Proposed name must have a definition

  4. Nature of business in general

  5. The appointed Company Secretary is responsible to lodge the new proposed name via online application with SSM

  6. It will take 1 to 3 working days for SSM to update the application status

  7. Once SSM approved, the Company Secretary will then prepare the special resolutions for board of directors of the company to sign off

  8. The Company Secretary has 30 days (from date proposed name is approved) to submit the required documents over SSM

  9. Based on the Company Act 2016, the special resolutions can be signed only by the Board of Directors to conclude the approval of the change of Company name.

  10. Once done, the appointed Company Secretary must submit the Special Resolution, Section 27 (1) (4) and Section 28 over SSM counter to complete the application with a cost of MYR 100

  11. A notice of Change of Name will be issued within 1 to 3 working days by SSM upon compliance with the procedures and submissions of duly completed documents

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