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Input Tax Credit Refund Claiming

GST Input Tax Credit Refund Claiming in Malaysia

Input Tax Credit (ITC) refers to the materials and services that manufacturers purchase or obtain to manufacture an output, which is a product or service.

An input tax credit (ITC) is a credit for goods and services tax (GST) paid on purchases made or expenses incurred by a business.

You can still claim the credit & get a refund from the Customs Department even if you have not paid anything to your supplier.

GST Input Credit: Who is eligible to claim it?

If a person is making a taxable supply in Malaysia and meets the following criteria, he or she may be entitled to an input tax refund:

What is the procedure for claiming input credit under GST?

When a company registers for GST voluntarily, it is entitled to claim input tax from the day it becomes liable to register for GST. GST registration is subject to the same criteria as mandatory registration.

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