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Compilation of Unaudited Accounts

Malaysian Unaudited Financial Statements Compilation

JS Partners offers a full range of accounting services, including the preparation of unaudited financial reports for exempt companies as well as audit services through affiliated audit firms. As part of our audit services, we provide financial statements that adhere to the SSM and IRB’s statutory requirements.

Unaudited Accounts contains:

Accounting or reporting refers to the preparation of unaudited Financial Statements of a private company. A profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and financial statement are compiled to provide an overview of the financial position of the company.

Company that is exempted from the audit requirement is still required to prepare a complete set of unaudited Financial Statements, including notes to the financial statements and directors’ statements, complying with Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards.

The unaudited financial statements are required for annual general meetings, tax filings and reporting to shareholders. Unaudited Financial Statements can be used for obtaining banking facilities, applying for government grants as well as meeting regulatory requirements in specific industries.

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