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Malaysia Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

Professional Visit Pass

All foreign nationals who wish to work in Malaysia must get a work permit. The Malaysia Professional Visit Pass is one of the work licences that the Malaysian government grants to overseas employees.

Because you wouldn’t really be working for a Malaysian firm or organisation, the Professional Visit Pass for Malaysia differs from other types of work permits for the country. In other words, even if you will still be paid by an overseas firm, you are not on the payroll of a Malaysian organisation but you will offer services to another organisation in Malaysia for a short period.

The Professional Visit Pass is issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department, although they will consult with the appropriate organisations in your field to decide whether to approve your application. You require a Malaysian sponsor to submit the application on your behalf.

Documents Required for Malaysia Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

The documents required for a Malaysia Professional Visit Pass (PVP) change depending on the occupations but include the following:

Academic credentials

Proof of the partnership or agreement between your school and the organisation or corporation that is funding you.

Note:Remember that this is not a complete list of requirements. You and your sponsor should inquire with Malaysia’s Immigration Department about the whole list of documents they need to submit along with the Professional Visit Pass application.

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