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Malaysia Company Super Form

Company Super Form Malaysia

Are you interested in setting up a business in Malaysia? You will want to read on to discover what a company super form is. A company super form was recently introduced to replace the multiple forms currently required by businesses to establish or incorporate a company in Malaysia.

Requests to complete the Super Form

Companies Act 2016 provides that certain documents of proof must be available to complete the Super Form.  It is necessary to provide the data from these documents to submit the form. Listed below are the mandatory information that an applicant should provide when attempting to fill out the Super form for registering a company in Malaysia:

Sections on the Company Super Form

The Super form is a linear form, so you won’t get complicated instructions when filling it up for incorporating a company. It has 5 sections. Each section of this form must be completed. It includes the following sections:

Section 1: Application Particulars

The application should include fields that ask for submitted information, such as the proposed company name, type of business or subtype of business, business description, business address, etc.

Section 2: Clarification

An applicant should clarify the proposed trade name, or company name. If the specific business name is not confirmed or needs more time to be finalized, the applicant may leave this field blank.

Section 3: Details of Directors

Section A of the company Super form Malaysia requires detailed information about company directors and shareholders. These fields provide information about company directors, members, and shareholders, such as their addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Section 4: Information about Members

Information about members, especially the company secretary. Here we are concerned with all requirements regarding personal information and contact information of the newly hired company secretary.

Section 5: Declaration

The Declaration Section basically confirms that information provided so far is true and genuine and there are no false statements. Before confirming, the applicant’s final data is shown one last time.

Help with your Super Form?

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