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Business Valuation & Due Diligence

Business Valuation And Due Diligence Services

Most business owners think that business valuation only matters when selling. Business valuation is vital for business enhancement, exit or succession planning, pre-sale planning, determining how much share the company should give away to investors in exchange for money, and so on. Business valuation is important if you intend to acquire another business.

What Are Business Valuation Services?

Business Valuation Services Benefits

Our clients rely on the expertise of JS Partners advisors to mitigate the risks associated with the purchase of a business. To assist our clients in determining the value and viability of a pending business acquisition, our advisors perform a range of financial analyses.

As a part of our routine work, we perform cash flow analysis, profitability analyses, tax compliance examinations, wage & superannuation reviews, and lease liability assessments as well as utilizing a wide range of financial formulas and methodologies to determine both the value of, and the risk associated with, a business acquisition or investment.

Any investment decision requires due diligence. Experienced advisors can help you make the right choice. 

Let our team assist you with your next business or investment acquisition.

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