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Cash Flow Management Services

Malaysia Cash Flow Management Services

The cash flow management process involves tracking how much money comes into and leaves the business. Cash flow is the amount of money your business has from one point to another. Cash flow management involves keeping track of this flow and analyzing any changes made to it. 

The following are some of the services we offer to manage cash flow and money.

The process we follow for managing cash flow

  • 01.Discovery of Requirements

    For any outsourcing project that we are involved in, we begin the process by learning about your business in detail

  • 02.Analysis of requirements

    We analyze your current financial situation. We also examine various other components such as accounts payable / receivable, cash flow statements, credit terms, inventory management, etc.

  • 03.Cash Management Strategies

    We prepare a cash flow statement based on this analysis to provide you with insights into your future funding requirements and potential investment opportunities.

  • 04.Cash Management Services

    During the execution of the service, our team will generate a comprehensive report for you to evaluate the process as per the plan.

  • 05.Reporting

    Our team will create individual reports for each project, which we will send as an encrypted file for your review.

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