Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs: JS Partners Streamlines Your Malaysian Accounting and Boosts Your Bottom Line

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs JS Partners Streamlines Your Malaysian Accounting and Boosts Your Bottom Line

In the dynamic business landscape of Malaysia, efficiency is king, and cost optimization is the crown jewel. While navigating the complexities of running a business, managing your finances might feel like juggling chainsaws in a hurricane. Enter JS Partners, your trusted accounting partner, ready to transform your financial chaos into a well-oiled machine, maximizing efficiency […]

The Importance Of Record Keeping For SMEs And Startups

The Importance Of Record Keeping For SMEs And Startups

The financial statements of a business tell you what’s going on. The income statement tells the story of the current situation. On the balance sheet, you may see a historical snapshot of the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. But to tell the whole story, record keeping is necessary to provide the context. Keep reading to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Business Taxes and Accounting

The Ultimate Guide to Business Taxes and Accounting

Introduction: It takes a lot of effort to run a business. From marketing and sales to inventory and customer service, there is a lot to keep track of. Then there’s the matter of taxes. Business taxes can be complex and constantly changing. That is why it is critical to have a thorough understanding of them. […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Payroll outsourcing provides a lot of benefits. For global businesses of all sizes, outsourcing this crucial aspect of operations to a third party may be a wise decision since it can save time, costs, and compliance hassles. For this reason, a rising number of companies and small company owners are outsourcing their payroll operations to […]

Who Is Eligible For Commercial Renovation Tax Exemption?

Commercial Renovation Tax Exemption

Did you know that the government extended tax deductions of up to RM300,000 for business renovation and refurbishment until the end of this year? This is something businesses can look forward to. We have highlighted some key info including who is eligible, what are the supporting documents needed, and what are the costs qualified for […]

Tax Treatment on Expenditure for Repairs & Renewals of Assets

Tax deductible?

One of the hottest questions among business owners 👉🏼 Why some repair and renewal expenses of assets can’t be claimed as tax deduction? The short straightforward explanation is that whether an expense is tax deductible or not depends on whether it is CAPITAL or REVENUE in nature. Check out the guide below to understand better […]

Why Do You Need Tax Consultants?

Why do we need tax consultants?

While we are busy juggling so many things in our life, tax-related tasks are probably the last thing on our to-do list. That being said, if you are someone who values money, hiring a tax consultant might be a good decision. A tax consultant can help you minimize your tax liability, capitalize on tax deductions […]

Taxation for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Malaysia

Taxation for limited liability partnership (LLP) in malaysia

Do you know that the highest income tax rate of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is 24% while highest income tax rate of individual can go up to 28%? Check out our guide below for key info regarding LLP – everything from tax treatment, distributions of profits to partners, preparation of financial statement for tax purposes […]

Common Business Payroll Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them

Common Business payroll mistakes & How you can avoid them

A smooth and efficient payroll process is like oxygen – when it’s there, you hardly notice it; when it’s missing, you can’t think about anything else. That makes payroll one of the least appreciated yet most important functions within a business. Read on to learn about common payroll mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. […]

How To Detect & Avoid Financial Statement Fraud

How to detect & Avoid financial statement fraud

Financial statement fraud is seen as a rampant problem around the world. In Malaysia, a recent research shows that almost 30% of enforcement actions taken by the Securities Commissions of Malaysia (SCM) are due to financial statement fraud activities. What is Financial Statement Fraud? A financial statement or accounting fraud simply means an individual who […]