Did you know that foreigners who are in Malaysia for employment or studies are allowed to bring their family members with along via the Malaysian Dependent Pass.

Not just that, the Malaysian Immigration Department allows spouses on a Dependent Pass to get a job locally after obtaining an endorsement in their passport 📝

But what about starting a Malaysian-registered company? 🏢

What is a Dependent Pass?

An Employment Pass (EP) holder is eligible to apply for Dependant Pass (DP) in order to bring in their family members into Malaysia. This DP is normally used for:

Can Dependent Pass holder work in Malaysia?

A dependant pass (DP) holder is not allowed to work in Malaysia unless the employing Company apply for suitable work visa such as Employment Pass – which is subject to the requirements and conditions imposed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Can Dependent Pass HOLDER start a business in Malaysia?

According to Company Act 2016, a foreigner is allowed to incorporate a Company and become a sole owner as long as they have legitimate local residential address.

Being a dependant pass holder gives you the advantage of:

Once you have established the business in Malaysia, you may appoint a third-party Human Resource (HR) provider or hire your in-house HR to apply for the employment pass on your behalf.

Things to Note for Dependent Pass Holder

It is important to note that consent in writing must be given by the Immigration Department before employment can commence.

The process of converting a Dependant Pass to an Employment Pass may have varying timelines. This could be due to several factors, including more time needed for the verification of official documents. You must also obtain an endorsement on your passport from the Immigration Department before you can start working.

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