Managing Partner, Shivajini Seelan was featured in the Affluent Personalities section which highlights industry remarkable personalities and exceptional organizations. Read on to find out more about the importance of taxation, Covid-19 implications on the market condition, and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Dear Ms Shivajini, can you kindly introduce yourself particularly about your company JS PARTNERS? Please walk us through the history of JS PARTNERS and the main business profile.”

I am Shivajini Seelan from JS PARTNERS. JS PARTNERS is local incorporated firm that focuses on corporate matters such as Accounting, Taxation, Payroll & Human Resource, Company Secretarial and Professional Employment Passes. We also provide Auditing Service through our associated company. Our aim has always been to focus on the SMEs and to help them through the various stages of growth. I would like to emphasise that the reason we may differ is because we provide one to one service based on the each clients needs and not a standard cookie cutter approach.

“We understand that JS PARTNERS is currently having footprints in few countries. What are the scope of works and services offered by JS Partners?”

Yes, we have footprints in a few countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. In these countries, we are able to setup a company, provide nominee directors services if required, prepare the tax and financial statements required on a yearly basis. Basically, we will provide a one stop solution that will be able to comply with the laws in the respective country. As we all become more global, we are able to have more than one company easily and compliance is not an issue if you have the right experts handling it. “Taxation is always the main commitment for everyone be it individual or business owner. How do you define individual responsibilities as well as corporate responsibilities in terms of taxation aspect?”

That is absolutely correct, taxation is a main commitment for everyone. The responsibilities are actually similar in terms of keeping records, yearly tax submissions; however, the difference would be the scope. The responsibilities for the individual taxpayer would be a more simpler situation if he is salaried income compared to corporate responsibilities which will be looking at various aspects of the business. The tax rates of the individual and corporate will differ too. “Well, we heard about the effects of Covid19 post pandemic. In your ordinary works serving numerous business owners and corporate clients, how do you see the market forward in year 2021?”

It is certainly going to be a very challenging year ahead, it will take a few years for the country to recover. However, on the upside, we are in a very fortunate country filled with lots of natural resources, we have to be efficient with our spending and use our natural resources to the best of ability. Wastage is something our country needs to look closely into and certainly all of us need to tighten up our belts for this ride ahead. Unemployment is something that needs to be looked into, certain jobs not usually done by our locals may have to be relooked too. As the saying goes “tough times never last but tough people do” “We have been told by our principal that you are one of the panel members in the flagship ecosystem better known as 100 series Live Pitching. How do you define entrepreneurship?”

Thank you for the opportunity given to be part of the 100 series Live Pitching. In my opinion, I would define entrepreneurship as dealing with changes and challenges along the way and how you manage these obstacles and seize new opportunities as it comes along and ride the waves when needed. “As an entrepreneur, you have established very successful business. For our female audience and the youth community , what are the advice and suggestions you wish to highlight as part of useful references to them?”

My advise to the female audience and youth community is to plan your 5 years goals, yearly goals and daily goals, keep and train your mind to stay focus and consistent in achieving these goals, move with times and trend in promoting your business and stay positive at all times, look at challenges as an opportunity. I would also like to add that staying relevant is crucial and getting out of your comfort zone will push you to greater heights.

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