We can all agree that in the past couple of months, we have heard or even seen businesses around us closing down or struggling to stay afloat due to the #Covid19 pandemic. 😢 Heartbreaking, we know…

But let’s stay focused on effective tax planning and start looking into the benefits for businesses. Did you know that due to the pandemic, the government has introduced a number of tax measures via various stimulus packages and budget initiatives to offer businesses some tax savings? 🤑 Great news, isn’t it? Well, only if you understand the myriad of tax incentives out there!

Here’s the 4 key tax benefits that may be useful to businesses. Remember, the bottom line is for you to understand your current tax position and take advantage of the tax planning strategies available whilst remaining compliant with tax legislation.

If you are a business owner or know of someone who could benefit from this, feel free to share this and spread the word around 🙌

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